• SKYDECK® adalah atap/ genteng uPVC peredam suara yang dingin dan tidak korosif terhadap bahan kimia.

    Didesain dengan dinding ganda dengan rongga ditengah serta menggunakan bahan uPVC terbaik dikelasnya sebagai solusi praktis untuk menggantikan genteng konvensional seperti atap metal, asbes, fiber dan lembaran pvc lainnya.

  • SKYDECK® diproduksi dan telah dipatenkan oleh PT. GRAHAEXCEL PLASTINDO

    innovator dan pelopor industri plastik pertama di Indonesia yang memproduksi produk-produk inovatif seperti tangki air, tangki kimia, pembatas jalan, cool box, atap gelombang pp, atap polycarbonate serta atap uPVC.

  • Spesialisasi kami adalah bekerja dengan berbagai bahan baku plastik seperti PE, PP, PU, PC, HDPE, dan PVC.

    Semua produk PT. GRAHAEXCEL PLASTINDO diproduksi dengan 100% resin murni tanpa campuran serta didukung oleh mesin teknologi terkini dibawah supervisi tenaga ahli sesuai standar JIS (Japan Industrial Standard).

    Kunjungi website kami untuk info lebih lanjut mengenai produk-produk EXCEL lainya serta layanan custom orders.

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SKYDECK® is uPVC corrugated twin-wall roofing engineered to reduce heat and noise, perfect for industry and residential use. Fortified by UV resistant feature to shield sheet from severe weather and reflect 75% UV radiation, ensuring its durability and look to perform well throughout the years.

No more hassle of installing additional aluminum foil or heat insulation under the roof, twin-wall structure of SKYDECK® significantly reduces heat up to 6° and noise up to 15 db.

SKYDECK® is also engineered to withstand highly corrosive chemical and industrial pollutant.


Feature Atap uPVC


Aplikasi Atap Transparan UPVC


Atap Dingin uPVC
Thickness                   : 10 mm

Length                        : 840 mm

Effective Length       : 800 mm

Height                         : 40 mm

Weight                        : 4.5 kg/Ln

Color                           : White, Blue, Translucent

*   Tolerance ± 5%

** Length can be customized, subject to min. order quantity


1. Prepare the purlin

Jual dan Instalasi Atap uPVC

2. Pay attention to tilt angle, overhang and purlin distance
  • Recommended min. roof pitch (tilt angle) is 12°
  • Recommended max. purlin distance 1.2 M
  • Recommended purlin distance from the very top of the roof is 10 cm
  • Allow 30 cm overlap (low pitch 15 cm & 15 cm for steeper one)
  • Recommended min. overhang distance 10 cm

Solusi Rumah Panas

3. Overlay the top part of anti-leakage interlocking system on top of the underlap

Atap Dingin Skydeck Roof

4. How to install SDS Screw roofing

Screw installation for roofing

  • Put every screw on upper high wave structure of roof
  • Adjust screw with max. 1.2 m purlin distance
  • Every 1 m2 needs 4 pcs SDS screw with 75 mm length
  • On overlap use SDS screw with 90 mm length

Screw installation for cladding

  • Put every screw on the middle lower wave structure of roof
  • Adjust screw with max 1.2 m purlin distance
  • Every 1 m2 needs 4 pcs SDS screw with 55 mm length
  • On overlap use SDS screw with 70 mm length

Atap Transparan










What is SKYDECK®?

SKYDECK® is a corrugated twin wall vinyl roofing made from finest uPVC material. For more info, visit this page.

How can I get the installation manual of SKYDECK®?

View it via Overview > Installation

What is the maximum purlin distance of SKYDECK®?

Maximum purlin distance is 1.2 meter.

What is the minimum and maximum roof pitch (tilt angle) of SKYDECK®?

Minimum roof pitch (tilt angle) is 12°. When roof pitch is too flat/ shallow, it will increase the risk of leakage. Minimize the risk of leakage by using the right overlap distance of 30 cm (low pitch 15 cm & 15 cm for steeper one).

Where is SKYDECK® uPVC produced?

SKYDECK® uPVC roofing is made in Indonesia and produced by PT. GRAHAEXCEL PLASTINDO – from the same company which produces EXCEL water tank and other wide array of plastic products. For more info, visit www.grahaexcel.com

The difference between SKYDECK® uPVC roofing and other brand?

SKYDECK® uPVC roofing is produced by renowned plastic products manufacturer – PT. GRAHAEXCEL PLASTINDO. PT. GRAHAEXCEL PLASTINDO is also the first roofing manufacturer in Indonesia which launched uPVC roofing such as EXCELTECH® and ELITEROOF®. For more info about other products, visit www.grahaexcel.com

What is uPVC?

UPVC is Polivinyl Chloride processed with certain technique called Unplastized as an improvement to PVC. UPVC within this decade is very popular and widely use in US, Europe, Japan and Korea due to its durability and ability to withstand heat and retain room temperature. Other characteristics of UPVC are:

  • Strong and durable.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • Reduce room temperature up to 6°C compared to outdoor temperature.
  • Corrosion resistant attributable to chemical reaction.
  • Highly resistance to environmental conditions such as heat and cold.
  • Without Phthalates and Bisphenol

Material content of SKYDECK® uPVC roofing and what is the impact on the environment?

SKYDECK® uPVC roofing is proven to be non-toxic. It is also safe for the environment because we use FDA certified PVC that is also long lasting and recyclable.

What is the resistancy level of SKYDECK® uPVC roofing against hot weather condition?

SKYDECK® uPVC is able to withstand constant heat up to 60°C, when it is above 60°C, deformations might happen overtime but in short period of time, SKYDECK® will still perform well.

How strong/ sturdy SKYDECK® uPVC roof?

SKYDECK® uPVC roof is able to support weight up to 540 kg.

Does SKYDECK® uPVC color will fade?

When exposed to direct UV ray, color will fade overtime. However, fading process takes a long time and color will fade evenly, regular eye would not notice the different.

Does SKYDECK® uPVC roofing requires additional insulation?

No additional heat and noise insulation is required.

Does SKYDECK® uPVC roof requires additional waterproofing to prevent leakage?

SKYDECK® uPVC roof does not require any additional waterproofing. When installing the roof, use Weatherlock screw to prevent leakage. Weatherlock screw is cheaper and last longer compared to waterproofing paint. Therefore, it is more effective.

Why does SKYDECK® uPVC roof needs weatherlock screw?

Weatherlock is a screw with rubber band that is designed to substitute Self Drilling Screw (SDS). This screw will also help remind the applicator not to over drill during the installation process.

Does any other roofing accessories are available for SKYDECK®?

We provide wide array of accessories including Weatherlock screw, top ridge, gutter, gutter connector and gutter end cap for your building solution.

Where can I apply uPVC SKYDECK® roof?

uPVC SKYDECK® roof is suitable for factories, warehouses, livestock industries, sports center, office buildings, commercial and residential area such as: houses, theme park, water park, modern market, mall, restaurant, café and etc.

Why uPVC SKYDECK® roof seems more expensive compared to other types of roofing?

uPVC SKYDECK® roof seems to be more expensive at a glance. However, in the long run, it is actually more cost effective. uPVC SKYDECK® roof does not require additional insulation and does not require maintenance. It is non corrosive, and able to withstand extreme weather condition. Lifespan of uPVC SKYDECK® roof is at least 10 years compared to other roofing such as: metal and asbestos (3-5 years).

Does uPVC SKYDECK® roof comes with a warranty?

GRAHAEXCEL PLASTINDO provides limited warranty of 10 years for opaque type and 7 years for semi transparent type. Terms and conditions of uPVC SKYDECK® roof warranty can be seen on this page.

How to maintain uPVC SKYDECK® roof?

uPVC SKYDECK® roof does not require any specific maintenance, rain will wash dirt and grime from the roof’s surface. However, factors such as harsh environmental condition, temperature, and installation will reduce the lifespan of uPVC SKYDECK® roof. Wrong installation is the common reason for leakage as constant high room temperature that exceeds 60°C will also cause deformation on the roof.

Can I custom order my uPVC SKYDECK® roof?

Custom order requires minimum order quantity. Length can be ordered in accordance to the preferred size. However, width is only available in standard size.

How to calculate amount of uPVC SKYDECK® roof needed?

Visit this page to determine how many pieces and rough price for your project. For more info, contact us via info@grahaexcel.com/ 021-6393394.

Does uPVC SKYDECK® roof has any other corrugated type?

uPVC SKYDECK® roof is only available in 1 corrugated type. However, PT. GRAHAEXCEL PLASTINDO produces other uPVC roofing with different look, such as ELITEROOF® (similar to housing roof) and EXCELTECH® (solid corrugated roof). For more info, visit www.grahaexcel.com



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